Progress info for parents

How do I know how my child is getting on?
How can I help them make progress?
As a parent you are quite rightly very interested in your child's progress. Outlined here is how
we will share your child's development and progress with you at Harry Roberts.
I also know as a parent you will want to help your child. I will keep reminding you that as a
parent you make the biggest difference in your child's learning - because you do! Therefore it
is very important that we work together to help your child. So please do all that you can to
attend school events or follow our suggestions for helping your child at home.
Ayesha Syed is taking a lead in our work with parents. She is our Parent Support Partner
and you can talk to Ayesha or myself about our work with parents.
Termly Parent Conferences
Each term you will have a chance to meet your child's teacher during parent conference
week and have a chat about your child. You will find out how their learning is going and be
able to discuss the next steps in their learning. Each conference only last 10 minutes but a
follow up meeting can be arranged if necessary.
End of Year Reports
At the end of the nursery year you will receive a written report on your child’s progress.
Special Books
These are books in which we record what your child has been doing at school and how well
they are doing in their learning. You are encouraged to contribute to your child’s book.
Please talk to your child or your child's teacher if you need help to find your child's book. You
can take it home but you must bring it back to school.
Ayesha Syed can help you with the Special Books and will be holding Special Book Drop
Ins, when you can share the books and contribute to them. These will take place from
9-10am on Tuesday mornings in the community room.
Open Day
We will be holding open days when you can find out about our approach to learning. Watch
out for the dates!
Informal Chats
You can chat to your child's teacher as you drop your child off or pick them up. If it is difficult
to chat at this time you can arrange another time to talk.
Display Boards
The staff and children work hard to create fantastic displays. In these displays you will see
our planning and what children are learning and why. The displays will show you the process
of learning and not just the finished piece of work. How children learn is very important and
you will see this reflected in the displays.
The half termly planning and weekly planning are displayed in the rooms.
Homework/Home Learning
Homework is given out weekly. The homework is related to the work we are doing in school.
By helping your child you will see the progress they are making.
Remember there is also book borrowing on a Monday. We do expect you to read and share
books with your child. At the Toy Library, on Wednesdays, you can borrow toys and
resources you can share with your child to help their learning.
Parent/ Carer Workshops/ Coffee Mornings
Do attend these events as we will talk about learning and progress in different areas of the
curriculum such as phonics or how to learn through play.
The newsletters will highlight some of the interesting things happening in school and suggest
ways you can help at home. If you think you may have missed a newsletter, please look at
the parent's file in the entrance hall.
Concerns including those about Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)
You may have some concerns about your child and want to talk about this.
If you are worried, you can:
• Speak to your child's teacher
• Speak to me as I am also the SENCO ( Special Educational Needs Coordinator)
• Talk to the Children’s Centre Team:
Do come and talk to us if you have anything to share about your child's learning or have any
concerns or questions.
Alex Law (Head teacher)
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