Marketing Plan Presentation - Outline

Marketing Plan Presentation
Prepare a visual presentation (electronic or Bristol board) of the marketing mix of a Sports or
Entertainment business of your choice. Examples: TV show, Movie, Amusement Park,
Entertainer, Entertainment Business (eg Paintball), Musician, Band, Game, Sports Team or
Organization, Artist etc.
Your presentation must address each of the following components of the business’s marketing
1. Name of Business, Brand Identity – Logo, Slogan, Colours, Positioning
2. Core Product – Address Maslow’s needs, Buyer Motives addressed by product,
Where is product on the Product Life Cycle?
3. Target Market – Mass, Differentiated or Niche? Describe the demographics and
psychographics of the target market.
4. Augmented Product(s) – What all does your business offer? Include every
feature of your product along with the benefits of each feature.
5. Pricing Strategy – How is the product priced? Consider the cost, supply and
demand, and target market in determining price and identify the pricing strategy
(see notes) used.
6. Distribution Strategy – How is the product made available to the target market?
(when, how often, where, for how long?)
7. Promotion Strategy – How is the product promoted? Include if applicable:
Advertising (include media used, examples), Online presence/campaigns, Sales
Promotions, Publicity, Direct Mail, Sponsorships, Endorsements, Word of Mouth
8. Results – How successful is this business? What other businesses does your
business compete with and how well has it done? Include sales figures or other
numbers to back up your evaluation if possible.