SS8H7c People - Thomas County Schools

Booker T. Washington
W.E.B. DuBois
Alonzo Herndon
President of Tuskegee Institute in AL
 Believed in Economic Independence
was the road to social and political
 “The opportunity to earn a dollar in a
factory just now is worth infinitely
more than the opportunity to spend a
dollar in an opera house.” : Saying that
economic equality will come before
social equality
 Atlanta Compromise Speech
*Atlanta University Professor
* DuBoise wanted social and political
* Wanted higher education for 10 percent --Talented Tenth – of the African American
* Knowledge & truth alone were not enough
* Wrote the book, The Souls of Black Folk
Born a slave
After the Civil War, he worked for his
former master for a short time at a
salary of $25/yr.
Learned to be a barber and moved to
Owned a half interest in a barber shop
in Atlanta
By early 1900’s, he opened three new
shops for white customers
Eventually, owned a block of office
buildings on Auburn Ave. and 100
rental homes
1905: bought a small insurance co. for
Because he knew little about
insurance, he hired African American
college graduates to run Atlanta
Mutual Insurance Co.
Died in 1927 – his son Norris took over
the insurance co.
Now: Atlanta Life Insurance Co. – one
of the largest African American-owned
businesses in the US.
John & Lugenia Burns Hope
:Some of us sit and wait for
opportunity when it is always with us.”
Born in Augusta
Had a white father and a black mother
As a child, he was treated as the son of
a plantation owner; however, his dad
died when he was 8
He continued to be proud of his African
American heritage
Attended Augusta public schools &
went to Worchester Academy in
Graduated from Brown University
Taught at Roger Williams University in
Nashville, TN
Later taught at: Atlanta Baptist College
(renamed Morehouse) & became the
school’s first black president in 1906
1929: President of Atlanta University
He worked for social equality--- he said
African Americans must “demand
social equality!”
John Hope was an active civic leader
who worked to restore calm to ATL
Lugenia Burns Hope:
Organized the Neighborhood Union
Neighborhood Union: offered
vocational classes for children, a health
center, and clubs for boys and girls
Provided financial aid for needy
families and pressured city leaders to
improve roads, lighting, and sanitation
in the African American neighborhoods
of Atlanta