The New South Reformers

The Bourbon Triumvirate
• Three men who ruled the
state consecutively for
over thirty years
• Wanted to blend the new
and old by keeping
southern traditions but
• Believed in lower taxes
and the convict lease
Tom Watson
• A Populist Party politician
• Looked to poor white and
black farmers for political
• Supported 8 hour
workday, graduated
income tax, Australian
ballot and government
ownership of railroads
• Most famous for his Rural
Free Delivery bill
Rebecca Latimer Felton
• Social and political reformer
• Supported temperance,
women’s suffrage, and
educational reforms
• Worked to abolish (end) the
convict lease system
• First woman to serve in the
U.S. Senate
Hoke Smith
• Leader of Georgia’s Progressive
• Ended the convict lease system
• Georgia State Constitutional
Amendment for the grandfather clause to disenfranchise
Henry Grady
• Economic and social reformer
• Coined the phrase “New South”
• Encouraged northern
investment in the South
• Increased circulation of the
Atlanta Constitution
• Organizer of International
Cotton Exposition
• Helped to establish Georgia
Alonzo Herndon
• Entrepreneur
• Founded Atlanta Mutual
Insurance Company
• Used company to help
other African-Americans
start their own businesses
• Helped save jobs of
John Hope
• First black president of
Atlanta Baptist College which
later became Morehouse
• Worked to bring bachelor
programs to Atlanta Baptist
College and eliminate the
vocational / industrial
Lugenia Burns Hope
• Social reformer
• Formed the
Neighborhood Union
which worked to
improve AfricanAmerican communities
with improved
sanitation, better
schools, health and
dental clinics
W.E.B. DuBois
• The “Talented Tenth” strategy for
race relations
• Need to educate the best of the
African-American race to be the
leaders for civil rights movement
as part of Talented Tenth
• Wanted full political rights
immediately, not just social and
economic rights
Booker T. Washington
• Atlanta Compromise Speech
which proposed economic
equality and no need to
force political and social
• The accommodation strategy
for African Americans
• Vocational education
essential for AfricanAmericans seeking equality
• Founder of the Tuskegee
Institute in Alabama
Leo Frank
• Jewish man who supervises
the National Pencil Company
• Accused, convicted, and
sentenced to life for the
murder of Mary Phagan
• Taken from jail and lynched
• Case led to the redevelopment of the KKK on
top of Stone Mountain – the
Knights of Mary Phagan
Homer Plessy
• 1/8 African-American
• Challenged the Jim Crow
laws which set up separate
but equal facilities in the
South by boarding a train
car for whites only
• Plessy v. Ferguson case in
Supreme Court
• Lost case which promoted
legal segregation