Mrs. Berger
September 2011
Grade 8 – Spanish I
Welcome back to school and to Spanish class! In this class, you will continue your
journey through the Spanish language and culture at a high school Spanish Level I.
Eighth grade Spanish can be challenging! You will review material and continue to
progress to new levels of vocabulary and grammar. The four basic language skills of
listening, speaking, reading and writing will be emphasized. You will be expected to
demonstrate your Spanish skills and progress through dialogues and other oral tasks,
listening activities, written assignments, tests, quizzes (including “pop” quizzes) and
special projects.
In order to come prepared to class each day, please bring the following:
Your workbook
Your homework
Lined paper
Blue or black pen
Red pen
Occasionally it will be necessary to bring flashcards and “colors” (markers,
crayons or colored pencils)
One expo white board marker
It is NOT necessary to bring a Spanish/English dictionary
Please have all necessary supplies by Monday, September 12, 2011.
This year you will be working on your Cultural Participation and Research (CPR) project
portfolios. The projects allow you to earn credit for class while using your Spanish and
experiencing Hispanic cultures outside the classroom. More information about these
projects will be sent home at a later date. CPR projects are due on the date assigned. No
late portfolios will be accepted. For this portfolio you will need a 3” binder with a clear
cover to insert a cover page. You will also need sheet protectors.
Our class meets five days a week. Homework is assigned on a regular basis. Even if no
written homework is assigned, I expect you to study your vocabulary, notes and grammar
for 15 to 20 minutes daily. Late homework will only be accepted one day late and will
earn half credit. This does NOT apply to the CPR portfolio. A blue slip will be issued
for late homework. Missing notes, assignments and tests/quizzes due to an excused
absence should be made up as soon as possible. If you are absent, I expect you to check
my website for current assignments. If you are in class the day of a scheduled test/quiz,
you will take that test/quiz even if you have missed the classroom review. Students
should find a “study buddy” to call in order to find out work missed due to absence. Pleas
always check my homework website daily! Extra credit opportunities are provided
through weekly “Noticias” and CPR projects. I also expect enthusiastic class
participation. I also expect students to be respectful in class. This includes proper
As always, if you have any problems, questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to
contact me. You can reach me at [email protected] or you can leave a message for
me at (949)858-5144, ext 385. My office hours are Thursdays, after school until 4 pm.
You may arrange to see me before school, at recess, or after school on other days. I am
here for you! I look forward to another exciting school year!
Mrs. Berger
Mrs. Berger/Grade 8/Spanish I
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