Middle Ages Study Plan


Learning Target Study Plan – Rise of Feudalism

Name ___________________________ Page ____

Directions : Complete Step 1,2, and 3 in class. Complete Step 4 at home. Complete Step 5 after the assessment. This is considered part of your test grade.

Step One: Evaluate your progress towards the target. (1 point)

Where are you now?

Assess yourself on the following targets with these symbols:

√++ : I have completely mastered this target. No more studying needed. √+: I have almost completely mastered.

√: I’ve mastered a lot of this target but need work. √-: I need more work.

0: I have no idea about this target HC: haven’t covered this target yet

1. Can you describe the impact Germanic invasions had on the Roman Empire?

Can you describe how they set the stage for feudalism in medieval Europe?

2. Can you explain Viking invasions led to the need for a decentralized political in Europe?

3. Can you describe at least five ways the Catholic Church was important during medieval times?

4. Can you fill in the feudal pyramid accurately (including serf, peasant, monarch, noble, knight?)

Can you explain how members of the feudal system are interdependent (what does each give and get?)

5. Can you write a thesis statement that answers this question: Which civilization had a more centralized political system: The Roman Empire or

Feudal Europe?

Can you defend your thesis with at least 3 pieces of evidence?

6. Can you sketch a manor and label at least five of the most significant features.

7. Can you use a Venn diagram to list similarities and differences between feudal

Europe and Japan? Could you add at least 5 accurate facts in each of the Venn sections?

8. Define all the vocabulary on the related vocabulary list for this unit. flip the page to continue

Step 2. Reflect on your progress on the targets from this unit by answering each question thoughtfully. (1 points)


List the target #s you have completely mastered: _______________________


List the target #s you have you still need to work on a little bit: ___________


List the target #s you need to work on a lot: ______________________________


What will you do to master all the targets? Circle all that apply.


Fill in the target sheet for this unit with complete answers. This is the review guide and was given to me at the beginning of the unit. b.

Ask a friend to explain something to me. c.

Ask a friend to quiz me. d.

Review the related work in my binder. Note: All assignments have targets on them so I will look for the related work. If I can’t find something, I’ll check for an extra copy online. e.

Check out presentations and resources from my teacher’s website. f.

Ask my teacher for help via email or conference? g.

Ask another adult (parent, resource teachers, enrichment teacher, Mr. Weckstein) h.

Reviewing the related textbook sections (all sources online) i.

Write my own quiz questions. j.

Make flashcards. k.

Other: ___________________________________________

Step 3: In your head, based on your response to question #4, set a goal to prepare yourself before the final assessment on _______

(date of assessment).

Ex. I will study with a friend for thirty minutes every night before the test, and I will ask my parents to give me one quiz question over every target. If I’m still lost, I’ll contact my teacher.

Step Four: Explain to your parents your progress on the targets and your plan for preparing for the assessment. (2 points)

Parent Signature ________________________________ and parent email: _______________________

To be completed AFTER the assessment…..

Step Five: Now that you have completed the test, reflect on your learning: (3 points)


Did your study plan work? Yes or No


What would I change about what I did to learn these targets prior to the test?


What should I do to learn the next set of targets I’m given and why?