Unit 1 & 2 Review

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Unit 1 & 2 Review
Human Geography Basics/
Question 1
What are the five themes of geography?
Answer: Location, human-environment interaction, region, place, and
Question 2
A region in Europe where people predominantly speak French is an
example of what kind of region?
Answer: Formal Region
Question 3
Natural borders and landmarks are used to define the borders of land
in this survey system…
Answer: Metes and Bounds survey
Question 4
Cotton is an example of these: plants grown specifically for profit.
Answer: Cash crops
Question 5
What is globalization?
Answer: Set of processes that are increasing interactions, deepening
relationships, and accelerating independence across national borders
Question 6
Many colonized countries ended up being this, depending on a single
agricultural commodity known as?
Answer: Monoculture
Question 7
What is location theory?
Answer: a attempt to explain location phenomena in an area
Question 8
What is an activity space?
Answer: places we travel to routinely
Question 9
The Third Agricultural Revolution coincided with:
Answer: The Green Revolution
Question 10
What is the production of crops without the use of synthetically or
industrially produced pesticides or fertilizers?
Answer: Organic Agriculture
Question 11
What kind of map would you use to see what areas consume the
most energy in the U.S. ?
Answer: Thematic Maps
Question 12
What is cultural landscape?
Answer: The visible imprint of human activity on the landscape
Question 13
The first model to attempt to describe the spatial distribution of
agriculture in relation to a city or central business district:
Answer: Von Thunen model
Question 14
What term refers to infusing a place with a meaning and emotion by
remembering important events that occurred in that place, or by
labeling a place with a certain character?
Answer: Sense of place
Question 15
Which of the five themes refers to the mobility of people, goods, and
ideas across the surface of the planet?
Answer: Movement
Question 16
Coinciding with the industrial revolution, this added industrial
technology to agriculture:
Answer: Second agricultural revolution
Question 17
Commercialization of agriculture sparked the creation of this term,
which pertains to all businesses having to do with agriculture:
Answer: Agribusiness
Question 18
This type of region is marked by a shared trait that can be physical or
Answer: Formal Region
Question 19
What are areas called with little access to fresh nutritious foods?
Answer: Food deserts
Question 20
What are the four types of survey systems?
1. Rectangular survey system
2. Township-and-range system
3. Metes and bounds survey system
4. Long-lot survey system.
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