WebQuest-Lab Equipment

Chemistry 1-2
Lab Equipment WebQuest
Professor Absent-Mind recently moved his chemistry lab. He has a tendency to be somewhat relaxed in his
organizational skills; in other words, he has NONE! He does, however, have chemistry students that have
graciously volunteered to help him organize the lab. The only issue is that the Professor has been called to go on a
research study in the Amazon Forest, and has left you in charge of identifying and organizing all of the laboratory
equipment. You have been given a list of 28 pieces of lab equipment that the professor has in his collection.
You will need to find out two (2) main things for each piece of equipment:
1. An explanation about what the equipment is used for.
2. A SKETCH of what the item looks like.
The professor has left you a few websites to help you in your task
Record your answers on the worksheet you received at the beginning of class, please!