Dr. Gao Jian

Dr Gao Jian is an Associate Professor of Chinese Research Academy of
Environmental Sciences. He graduated from Shandong University and got his Ph.D
Degree there. He is mainly interested in Atmospheric chemistry (Troposphric Ozone
formation, Black Carbon, New particle formation and growth process), Instrument
development, Field measurement and studies (ground based, high mountain site,
airplane measurement), Air pollution management and control.
He has 10 years of experience in research on atmospheric chemistry. His major
research field is physical and chemical properties of particulate matters. In the past 10
years, our group has collected an extensive set of data on fine and ultrafine particles,
together with other trace gases and aerosols (and cloud chemistry more recently) in
major industrial/urban regions of China. Through these projects, he obtained rich
experience in air pollution monitoring, control and providing technical support for
policy makers.