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Capital of China: Beijing
China’s currency is Yuan (Renminbi) (¥).
Prime Minister:
Manmohan Singh
Fun Fact
China is the most
populated country in the
They drive on the right side of the road except for Hong Kong and Macau.
They drive on the left.
Largest City:
Badminton, diving, gymnastics, table tennis, martial arts, golf, cricket, rugby
union and football.
China has thousands of rice patties.
In the country areas Chinese people eat rice with various additions with the
Chinese cuisine include dishes made from flour like bread, noodles,
vegetables, potatoes, corn, meat-pork, fish, poultry. Some exotic dishes
include octopus, squid, clams and frog's legs.
I find it interesting that citizens of china do so much work for their
family and some of them were only my age. They will do so much for
their family and their family will also do heaps just to eat every night.
Some families save up all their money just for one family member to
for fill their dream.
National emblem
The city of Shanghai has become a
symbol of China's rapid economic
since the 1990s
Great Wall of China
China’s flag
Countries that border it: Mongolia, Burma, Kazakstan, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan,
India, Russia, Cambodia and Vietnam.
Fast Fact
China is in Asia. It is the
biggest country in Asia too.
The Great Wall of China was built for protecting various regions from raids.
The Xiongnu tribe was China's main enemy at that time. The Chinese built
the Great Wall to prevent them from entering and conquering China.