The Chinese in America

The Chinese in America
Takaki Says: As the first Asian group
to enter America they merit special
Why: What happened to them in the late
1800’s represents the beginning of a
pattern for the way Asians and other
people of color would be viewed and
treated. Their identity will be determined
by a complex combination of economic,
ideological and political developments in
American society.
Laws against the Chinese
1850 - Foreign Miners Tax
1854- People V. Hall Trial of Ling Sing
1855- Pig Tail Ordinance: Those who
broke the law had to cut their queues
1860- San Francisco established
segregated schools
1867-1871- Riots in Nevada City and
Los Angeles
1876- Legislation introduced in Congress
aimed at curbing Chinese Immigration
1882- Chinese Exclusion Act: Suspends
Chinese Immigration for ten years