Vocabulary – Greek Mythology #1

Vocabu lary – Greek Mytholo gy #1
Vocabulary from
Heroes, Gods, and Monsters of the Greek Myths
Vocabulary Word
(part of speech)
Usage in a Sentence
1. sickle (n)
A short-handled tool with a
sharp curved blade used for
cutting tall grass or grain.
Cronus used the sickle to
cut his father Uranus and
drive him out of power.
2. crevice
A narrow crack or opening,
especially in a rock.
Trees sprouted from the
crevices in Mother Earth’s
3. sprite
A small supernatural being,
like an elf or fairy.
The sprites made a lot of
noise outside of the cave in
which Zeus was hidden.
Food of the gods.
Zeus was fed ambrosia
from the horns of the fairy
4. ambrosia
5. nectar
Drink of the gods.
Cronos drank nectar from
the cup that Zeus brought
to him.
6. nymph
A beautiful minor goddess
or spirit of nature in
mythology; nymphs live in
places of natural beauty,
such as the woods.
Zeus fell in love with the
woodland nymph.
7. depose (v)
Remove someone from a
position of power.
Zeus deposed Cronus and
then became King of the
A bedspread, quilt, or other
cover for a bed.
Arachne wove a beautiful
counterpane into her
9. implacable (adj)
Impossible to make calm,
quiet, or satisfied.
Poseidon was implacable
after his argument with
10. trident
A three-pronged spear
Poseidon brandished his
trident and caused a
8. counterpane
Choose one of the above words. You will learn more if you choose a word with which you
are unfamiliar. Create a decorated index card that includes the following:
The vocabulary word written in a large manner in the center of the card.
The definition of the word in your own words.
Use the word in your own sentence.
Draw a picture to illustrate this word in some way.
Decorate your card to make it the best card it can be. Using color helps, however,
some people spend extra time making “black and white” (or all in pencil – a
monochromatic scheme) look fabulous, so if that is your inclination, go for it.
Quality counts!
6. Your name on the front of the card. Autograph your work.
You can place items 2 – 4 anywhere you wish on the front of the card. We will post
these cards on the bulletin board. Keep the models you saw in class in mind as you
create your card. Have fun!
(cool decorations – like
a border, or background shading)
A small domesticated mammal that
has soft fur, sharp claws, pointed
ears, and a long furry tail
We rescued the two gray tiger-striped
cats from the dumpster.
(your drawing here)