IB English III
Mrs. Fisher
Fall 2014
Interactive Oral Presentations
The Plague, Camus
To meet the IB requirement for your Reflective Statement, you will participate in an
Interactive Oral presentation to explore the cultural and contextual issues and events that
shaped the novel. Your presentation should address the following concepts:
How the novel is a function of time and place
The political, social, religious, historical, geographical context and/or implications
of the book
Connections to your own culture
Personal opinion about the difficulty or easiness in responding to the social context
or culture
Types of Presentation
You and your group may choose one of the topics below and prepare a 5 minute
presentation. Your presentation may be any of the following:
Powerpoint (w/out too much text) or Prezi
A close reading of a passage or section of the text and discussion of its
relationship to the historic context of the novel
An examination of characters and their relationship to the context of the novel
A panel discussion between two groups or between group members with differing
Film clips with discussion of how it may deepen understanding of culture or
Artistic or photographic visual display
Discussion with a handout
Q&A with the other students in your class
Suggested Topics
Albert Camus background and achievements
Nazis in France: life of the German officers and soldiers while in France
Nazi collaborators (Vichy Regime)
Important “players” in the French Resistance
Activities and methods of the French Resistance
Life in Paris during the occupation
Treatment of Jews in France during the war
Women in the resistance movement