Literature Think-Tac-Toe “The Great Gatsby”

Numbered Activities Chosen: ________
Literature Think-Tac-Toe
“The Great Gatsby”
Compare and contrast
East and West Egg.
Include a Venn Diagram
with your comparison.
What historical events of
the 20’s are alluded to in
the first part of the
novel? Choose one of
those events to research
and then write a 2 page
summary. Include your
Complete a character
analysis of Nick
Apply what you have
learned from this story
and write a poem that
depicts an event or
events from the novel.
Make a sequence chart or
time line to label the
major events in the novel.
Write an alternative
ending for the novel.
Draw the “Valley of
Ashes” and defend the
reasons why you chose to
illustrate it the way you
How would you adapt this
story to give it a more
modern feel? Design a
scene from a modern
sitcom, using Daisy and
Myrtle as the characters
in the show.
Find and read at least
two T.S. Eliot poems.
What is your opinion
regarding the similarities
you found in the poetry
compared to The Great