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Project Work The Giver- Prezi Presentation

St Trinnean´s School. Literature Pre-Prof. Teacher: Pat Andrada.
Student: ______________
Project work 2: Prezi Presentation on the novel “The Giver”
Watch the model presentation I created with Prezi on the novel "The Last Boy and Girl in the
World" https://prezi.com/v/ckptnux8383r/
In PAIRS, you will have to create a similar presentation on the novel "The Giver" using the same
layout but with a personalized style.
Create an account on prezi.com, explore its features and, if necessary, watch the tutorials
before creating your video.
You must hand in this Word document completed by you, for me to correct.
Items include in the layout:
1. Facts and overview
(Some facts about the author, year of publication and other relevant detail).
2. Genre
(Fantasy novels take place in a world that does not and cannot exist on earth. They
frequently incorporate magic or supernatural forces into the plot, theme, and setting.
Science fiction, a subgenre of fantasy, also occurs in an imaginary world, but its plot and
characters deal with the impact of science and technology on humans and their daily
existence. In addition to occurring in a futuristic, fantastical society, this novel belongs to
the dystopian literature where societies are created as ideal, but evolve into a dangerous
place when the community’s structure and rules are taken too far)
3. Setting
(Setting is one of the most important aspects of a novel. Setting includes:
Time: historical time period, season, time of day
Geographical location: weather, landforms, physical arrangement of locations
General Environment: religious, mental, moral, and emotional conditions)
4. Main character
(An author reveals information about a novel’s characters in a variety of ways. A character
may provide information about him or herself by sharing his/her thoughts, words, and
actions with the reader. Likewise, a narrator or other characters can also provide the reader
with insight about a particular person)
5. Themes
(Themes are the central ideas in a work of literature. The themes must often be inferred by
carefully examining the characters’ words and actions, as well as the plot, setting, and mood of the
novel. Themes can be concrete objects such as family and friends, ideas like love and individuality,
and experiences such as survival and human connection.)
6. Conflict
(Conflict results from two opposing forces in a story. Four common types of conflict are:
Man vs. himself—a character experiences conflict between forces within him/herself
Man vs. man—a character experiences a conflict with another person
Man vs. nature—a character struggles to overcome forces of nature
Man vs. society—a character struggles with elements of his/her society)
7. Climax
(The turning point of the novel when the protagonist makes an important decision that often
changes the direction of the story)
8. Personal reflections
9. Recommendation
(Don´t forget your names, the title of the book and an image of it)