Lord of the Flies, Vocabulary Chapters 5 & 6

Vocabulary: Act IV.
1. abjure: (v) disregard; renounce; to reject solemnly
2. appease: (v) calm; soothe
3. avaricious: (adj.) greedy; acquisitive (especially for wealth)
4. credulous (over-credulous): (adj.) naïve; gullible
5. desolate: (adj.) lonely; abandoned
6. detraction: (n) backbiting; belittling
7. diminutive: (adj.) tiny; miniature
8. impediments: (n) obstacles; obstructions
9. interdiction: (n) ban; taboo; prohibition
10. judicious: (adj.) thoughtful; sage
11. laudable: (adj.) praiseworthy; commendable
12. reconcile: (v) to restore to friendship or harmony; settle or resolve differences
13. redress: (v) make up for; atone; remedy or set right
14. voluptuousness: (n) desire for pleasure or indulgence
15. apparition: (n) an unusual or unexpected sight; a ghostly figure
Directions: Write a sentence for each of the 15 vocabulary words. Remember:
1. Use the first four lines of paper for your 4-line header.
2. Title your sentences with enough information to specifically identify the assignment.
3. Write your last name and the page number in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
4. Number your sentences and identify the vocabulary word at the beginning of each sentence.
5. Underline or highlight the vocabulary word within the actual sentence.
6. You may only use “The” to start three sentences; four or more occurrences will equal -1 point.