Week 3 - Fulton County Schools

9th Grade Literature and Composition
Weekly Schedule: August 29-Sept. 2
**Remember to Bring Your Marble Composition Book This Week**
Monday 8/29
Vocabulary Sentences #3 Due
Read “Children in the Woods,” p. 249-252
Answer Questions 1-8, p. 252
HW: Finish Questions
Tuesday 8/30
“The Road Not Taken,” p. 188
--group explication activity
Poetry Note-taking, p. IN8 and IN9
HW: Final Draft of Personal Memoir/Narrative Due Tomorrow
Wednesday 8/31
Final Draft Due!—100 pts.
“I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud,” p. 896
“Jabberwocky,” p. 400
HW: Sniglet Sheet
Thursday 9/1
Sniglet Homework Due
“The Raven,” p. 940
HW: Study for Vocabulary Quiz
Friday 9/2
Vocabulary Quiz 2
“A Dream Deferred,” p. 905
--explication model
Intro to Poetry Project
HW: Vocabulary Sentences #4 Due Monday
Vocabulary List 3
submerge (v): to go under water
chortle (v): to chuckle
suffice (v): be enough
tremulous (adj): quivering
pensive (adj): thinking deeply
host (n): a large number
deferred (adj): put off until a future time; delayed
fester (v): to form pus
barren (adj): empty
abash (v): to embarrass