Evolution Review Sheet (Chapter 16 and 17)

Evolution Review Sheet (Chapter 16 and 17)
1. Define evolution
2. Compare and contrast artificial selection and natural selection
3. What did Hutton and Lyell contribute to Darwins idea?
4. What two organisms did Darwin study in the Galapagos?
5. Explain Lamarck’s idea of evolution
6. What ideas did Darwin use from Malthus’s paper?
7. Explain what fitness means.
8. Explain survival of the fittest.
9. Explain common descent.
10.What were the four pieces of evidence Darwin used to support evolution.
11.What does vestigial mean?
12.Explain what alleic frequency means and how it can change in a population.
13.Explain the difference between single trait and polygenic traits.
14.Draw a disruptive, directional and stabilizing selection curve
15.List the two ways to change genetic information.
16. List the three different ways reproductive isolation can occur.