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Evolution Study Guide
1. What was the adaptation on finches on the Galapagos Islands that Darwin found
most significant? Why?
2. What scientist suggested the inheritance of acquired characteristics?
3. What scientist concluded descent with modification, survival of the fittest, and
natural selection?
4. What are fossils?
5. Hutton and Lyell’s work suggested that Earth is ______________.
6. What was Lyell’s conclusion?
7. What was Hutton’s conclusion?
8. How did Hutton and Lyell influence Darwin’s work?
9. What was Lamarack’s conclusion?
10. What was Malthus conclusion?
11. How did Malthus influence Darwin’s work?
12. What are the 3 conditions for Natural Selection to occur?
13. What is artificial selection?
14. What is fitness?
15. What is biogeography?
16. What are vestigial structures?
17. How does molecular evidence support natural selection?
18. What are homologous structures?
19. What did the Grant’s test?
20. Draw Directional, Stabilizing and Disruptive Selection.
21. What is genetic drift?
22. What is the founder effect?
23. What are the 5 conditions to maintain genetic equilibrium (NOT having evolution
24. What sources of evidence contributed to Charles Darwin’s presentation of his concept of
evolution by natural selection? What sources of evidence continue to support Darwin’s
Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection? (Use all examples we have discuses in class both in
your text, online activities, class activities and videos)