AP Biology Chapter 22 Worksheet

AP Biology Chapter 22 Worksheet
1. Give the 2 main points Charles Darwin made in his book Origin of the Species.
2. Give the main beliefs of Plato and Aristotle concerning the origin of life.
3. Who was Linnaeus and what was his contribution to the origin of a species?
4. Explain how fossils influenced the development of Darwin’s theories.
5. Explain Cuvier’s theory of the origin of the species.
6. Explain Hutton’s theory of the origin of the species.
7. Explain Lyell’s theory of the origin of the species.
8. Explain how Hutton and Lyell’s theories influenced Darwin.
9. Explain Lamarck’s contribution to the theory of evolution.
10. Explain what is meant by the use and disuse theory.
11. Explain the early relationship between acquired traits and gene transmission.
Part B1
12. Explain the basic theory behind Darwin/Wallace’s work.
13. Explain what is meant by Darwinsm.
14. Explain how the history of life is like a tree.
15. Give the 5 observations Ernst Mayer made concerning Darwins theory of natural
16. Now explain each observation in some further detail.
Part B2
17. Explain how resistance to insecticides is an example of natural selection.
18. Give the 2 main reasons natural selection exists.
19. Which organisms does natural selection favor?
20. Explain the idea of descent with modification.
21. Explain the concept of homology.
22. Use an example to help you explain descent with modification.
23. Explain what a vestigial organ is with an example.
24. Explain the concept of homology at the molecular level.
25. Are all homologies shared by all organisms? Explain
26. Explain biogeography and how it influenced Darwin’s theory.
27. Explain the idea of convergent evolution.
28. Explain what endemic means using an example.
29. Does the fossil evidence suggest that all species were created at the same time?
30. Should we find evidence of evolutionary transitions in the fossil record? Explain
31. Give the 2 main flaws in any argument against the Darwinian theory.