Types of Government

Types of Government
• Most types of government are either:
Limited Government - power of government is limited by
Constitution and people have right to vote (Usually limited
by a Constitution
Types of Government
Unlimited – power of government is
unlimited and people lack voice in
What type of government is the United States, limited
or unlimited? Why?
Types of Government
• Anarchy – a society with NO government or
• Aristocracy – a government ruled by wealthy
class (usually land owners)
• Colonial - a government set-up in a foreign
territory ruled by a parent state (ex. 13
colonies ruled by Great Britain)
Types of Government
• Confederacy – a loose alliance of independent
• Constitutional – a government limited by a
written and enforced document
• Dictatorship – a government ruled by an
individual with absolute power
Types of Government
• Federalism – a government where power is
shared between a strong central government
and individual state governments
• Monarchy – a government ruled by a king or
Types of Government
• Republic – a government where individuals
elect representatives
• Democracy – a government ruled by the
people, where all people are equal
Why do you think it
is important for people to
have a voice in their
Why do certain types of
government work in some
communities better than