Genetics Part II Test Review What is a pedigree? Be able to use

Genetics Part II Test Review
1. What is a pedigree? Be able to use/construct a pedigree to answer questions about how a
trait is carried and expressed in a family.
2. Is Huntington’s a homozygous recessive disorder or a dominant allele disorder? What
about Tay-Sachs? Cystic Fibrosis?
3. What is a mutation?
4. Name and describe the 4 types of gene mutations?
5. What is a point mutation?
6. What is a silent mutation?
7. What is a frameshift mutation?
8. Name and describe the 4 types of chromosomal mutations?
9. What is a genome?
10. What is a karyotype?
11. What is nondisjunction?
12. What is monosomy? Trisomy?
13. What is polyploidy?
14. For the 5 disorders discussed in class, know what the chromosomal abnormality is.
15. Given a strand of normal DNA and a mutated strand of DNA, be able to name the type of
gene mutation that has occurred.
16. How are genes regulated?
17. What is cancer?
18. What is an oncogene?
19. What is a tumor suppressor gene?
20. What is the difference between a mutagen and a carcinogen?
21. What is a DNA fingerprint? How is it used to solve crimes? To determine paternity?
22. Describe, in detail, how a DNA fingerprint is created.