Genetic Variation Bell Work # 7

Genetic Variation Review
Name: _______________
Use the PowerPoints from my website or Chapter 13
1). What is the ultimate source of variation (variety in a species)?
2). What benefits are there to inducing mutations? Name an example of
inducing a mutation.
3). What possible consequences are there to inbreeding? Name an example.
4). What type of genetic engineering is present in our fruits and vegetables
at the grocery store? What does it to the fruits and vegetables?
5). If you were a scientist what type of realistic hybrid would you create?
(remember they have to be similar organisms: From same family)
6). Why is random fertilization (any egg matching up with any sperm) good
for any species? Why could it be bad for a species?
7). Why is cloning so controversial?
8). What is transformation and how does it work?
Mutations Review
9). What are the two types of gene mutations, and give an example of each.
10). Create a strand of DNA on your paper with 5 nucleotides, now create a
new strand with a substitution.
11). What are the different types of Chromosomal mutations?
12). Which chromosomal mutation can cause downs syndrome?
13). What happens to the reading frame if you have an insertion in a gene
14). Are all mutations bad?
15). In what phase of meiosis do most chromosomal mutations occur?