DNA Review

Cancer is a disease in which cells
Grow and divide uncontrollably
Scientists think cancer begins when
A mutation occurs in DNA
What is chemotherapy?
The use of drugs to treat a disease
The order of bases along a gene determines the
order in which
Amino acids are put together to form a protein
What does messenger RNA do during protein
Copies the coded message from the DNA and
carries it to the cytoplasm
Where does protein synthesis take place?
On the ribosome in the cytoplasm of the cell
What nitrogen base is in RNA but not DNA?
How many different types of cancer are there?
Over 100
What is a cancer tumor?
A mass of abnormal cells
During DNA replication adenine always pairs with
What is a mutation?
Any change in a gene or chromosome
How can a mutation affecting skin be harmful to
an animal?
It can make an animal more visible to prey or
During protein synthesis, the protein continues to
grow until?
The ribosome reaches a three base code that
signals it to stop
What forms a genetic code?
The order of nitrogen bases along a gene
Dog breeding for certain traits is an example of
Selective breeding
What are the portions of a chromosome that
code for proteins?
Protein is made up of
A string of amino acids
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