Chemistry: Monday, Sept 28
(You need to write this down or bookmark it if you plan on using it. There will NOT be a link on the school website)
Entry Task:
Please take out your Unit 1 Note Packet and turn to page 4. We
are going to fill these out together then do our warm-up.
Also, please grab a new warm-up sheet from the front and a
yellow half-sheet Percent Error Practice Problems (HW).
Warm-Up: Monday, 9/28
What does a positive percent error indicate compared to a
negative percent error?
 Continue Measurement Lab
 Make sure you always zero/calibrate/tare
 You can use the book to answer some of the
questions (use the index to find key words)
 Table 1.3 – add a column to the left side to record
the Mass of the Graduated Cylinder
Percent Error Practice Problems (yellow ½ sheet) due Tues
 Measurement Lab due Wednesday
Looking Ahead: