Student Affairs and Services

Student Affairs and Services
Creating an environment for
learning and service
Student Affairs and Services
• University publishes a clear and
appropriate statement of student rights
and responsibilities and disseminates the
statement to the campus community.
– Statement should be crafted collaboratively
with students, faculty, and administration
– Statement should be explained fully in the
student handbook
Student Affairs and Services
• Institution protects the
confidentiality, and
integrity of its student
– Student access to
– Student control of
– Use of student
information to external
Student Affairs and Services
• University provides services supporting its
mission with qualified personnel to ensure
the quality and effectiveness of its student
affairs programs
– Related degrees
– Related professional experience
– Professional development
– Staff evaluation
Student Affairs and Services
• Student Affairs
Residence life
Food service
Civic engagement
Student activities
Greek Life
Financial Assistance
Career Services
Sample Mission Statement
• The Division of Student
Life at Vanderbilt
– contributes to the
University's mission of
teaching and learning by
building a community in
which students have
ample opportunity to
develop not only as
scholars, but also as wellrounded individuals.
Purpose Statements
• Fostering the traditions and purpose that constitute
our community of scholars,
• Promoting and nurturing a sense of belonging and
school spirit across the diverse student population,
• Fostering intellectual curiosity, creative expression,
and open-mindedness that includes a willingness to
entertain ideas with which one initially disagrees,
• Encouraging a sense of fun and a safe, secure,
celebratory environment,
• Providing opportunities for personal growth and for
pursuit of physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional
Purpose Statements
• Fostering high aspirations for personal, academic, and
professional fulfillment and success,
• Providing opportunities for leadership development, service
learning, and civic involvement -- locally, and globally,
• Fostering personal responsibility and accountability, and
encouraging choices consistent with the University community's
moral and ethical standards,
• Providing opportunities for interaction with the greater Nashville
community through service, topical forums, the arts, and
• Advocating for the human, financial, and physical resources that
support excellence in the Student Life program, and
• Serving as an agent of change as the needs and interests of
students evolve.
Sample Mission
• The mission of the
Rhodes College Moore
Student Health Center is
– to assist students in
acquiring knowledge that
promotes wellness, helps
prevent illness, and
encourages responsibility
for personal health so they
may achieve their
educational goals as well
as build a foundation upon
which they can continue a
healthy lifestyle.
Sample Mission Statement
• The Office of Student Financial Aid at Vanderbilt
– is responsible for providing financial assistance to
students whose economic circumstances are such
that they could not otherwise afford to attend.
Vanderbilt welcomes students who can benefit from
and contribute to the community, regardless of their
financial situation. The University is committed to
reviewing applicants for admission without regard to
their financial need, then assistance is awarded to
any student who establishes eligibility. With few
exceptions, therefore, financial aid eligibility is
determined on the basis of family financial criteria.
Student Affairs and Services
• Do we employ qualified staff in place to
accomplish the purpose and goals of our
student development programs?
• Have we thought intentionally about the
professionalization of the para-academic
support systems of our campus?
• Is each division driven by a mission
statement that supports the university
Student Affairs and Services
• Student Handbook
– Do we have one?
• Student rights and responsibilities
• Formal appeals process
– Do we regularly review the policies?
– Are the policies developed through a
collaborative process?
• Do we have a policy that ensures the
protection and privacy of student records?
• Student handbook
• List of student
• Ethic/honor codes
• Policies related to
student conduct
• Appeals processes
Student Affairs and Services