Sophomore English

Sophomore English
Mrs. Fairman
Name: _________________________________
Date you were absent: ____________________
Frankenstein – Notes from Small Groups – Absentee Make Up - 2015
Names of group members: _____________________________________________________________
Chapters that were discussed on the day of absence are: _____ to _________ Date due: __________
1. Please answer the following questions. You will need to do some research on-line as part of this assignment.
2. You have 2 class days from the date of your absence to complete this make up work. Your make up work will not
be accepted more than 2 class days beyond the date of your absence.
3. This assignment is to make up for missing the small group discussion; you may earn credit for this assignment (up to
10 points maximum). This is a replacement assignment because you were not in class to participate in the group effort.
4. Turn this sheet with additional information needed stapled to this page within two (2) class days of your absence.
5. If it is easier to print this document and turn it in, that’s fine. . This form will also be posted on my website –
go there for additional copies if you miss more than one small group meeting.
Following are several concepts / people / places / etc. that are referenced in the novel. Choose 2 of these to
research on-line. Find a minimum of a paragraph of information and a maximum of a page of information /
background about each topic. Cite your internet source of this information (include URL); also include
the information that you find with this assignment! Here are your choices for allusions / references:
Coleridge poem (45)
Albertus Magnus,
Paracelsus (25, 31)
Romanticism (the
literary movement)
Mont Blanc (the
Albertus Magnus
The Vicar of Wakefield
Geneva (22)
Charnel house (38, 40)
Dante (44)
Ingolstadt (37)
John Milton / Paradise
Lost (116)
St. Paul’s Cathedral
Charles I
C. Agrippa (36)
William Wordsworth /
Tintern Abbey
North Pole
Edinburgh, Scotland
Arabia(n) (105+)
Coleridge / Rime of the
Ancient Mariner
Plutarch / Lives
Scarlet Fever (28)
The “Sublime”
Sir Isaac Newton
University of Ingolstadt
Note #1 - page numbers are provided for many, but not all, or the allusions. Please look at the context of the
allusion in the text to see how it is referenced to guide your research.
Note #2: If you find another allusion later in the book that you’d like to research instead of the topics listed
here, please discuss with me first and most likely I will give you the OK for an alternate topic(s).
First allusion researched: _____________________________________ (include summary of info with
citation / URL / link)
In your own words, what did you discover in a few sentences?
OVER - -
Second allusion researched: ___________________________________ (include summary of info with
citation / URL / link)
In your own words, what did you discover in a few sentences?
If you had been in class and able to participate with your group, what are two ideas you would have
shared – with textual support (quotes) – from the notes that you were responsible for completing for class
on the day that you were absent:
Job(s) / Category of notes that you were responsible to complete for the class you missed:
First topic for discussion / sharing with evidence:
Second topic for discussion / sharing with evidence:
Questions that you had about this reading: