Gatsby City of Illusions group map

The Great City of Illusions and Allusions
Group Map Further Instructions
15/2/18 (We will continue this on Monday)
1. Make sure your quotes actually match your allusion and that you actually have one
allusion from each chapter we have read so far (1-5). *You may use a digital copy today
to find them, but you should find the page numbers from out print copy.
2. Work as a group to organize your poster- You can do this however you’d like, but you
need to save space for allusions from chapters 6-9 (maybe leave blank spaces.
Here are the requirements:
Real places: ​use the website below to find out a little information about the real places
mentioned in the text and summarize the information you find in 1-2 sentences; no
quotes necessary. Add your commentary under each image and decide how you want to
place them on the map (whether you have them above the map with arrows pointing to
locations or if you place them directly on the map where they should go)
Real allusions:​ Make sure your quotes are accurately matched to the image you have for
each chapter; then, do a little research on the allusion and determine in around 3-4
sentences why the allusion is significant to the text- what implications does it have,
what cultural context is understood through the allusion, why does Nick/ other
character bring it up, etc. You must add this analysis under each quote on your poster.
Mansion as a representation of old/ new money: ​place the mansion on East or West Egg
depending on whose mansion you found. Decide how you want to attach the
information regarding characteristics of old money or new money, also based on the
mansion you found.
Imaginary places:​ you need to add 4 imaginary places in the book apart from the
mansions- These can be hand drawn on the map or you can find images that replicate
the scene in the book. Some ideas for places include; the eyes of Dr. TJ Eckleburg,
Wilson's Garage, the speakeasy across from the Metropole, etc. You can absolutely do
more than 4- No commentary is required but you must be able to verbalize their
significance in the book.