What is an allusion? An allusion is a direct or indirect reference to a person,
place or event. It may be a reference to a real or fictional source of information.
The literary device is often used by writers to add meaning to a text. The meaning
can only be understood if the reader has knowledge of the Biblical, geographical,
historical, mythological or literary fact or figure that is being referred to. Effective
allusions do not need to be explained.
Ex. George wanted to escape to university; his Never Never
Ex. Did you have a Krabby Patty for lunch today? You seem to be
in a bad mood!
Ex. The student tackled the test like David against Goliath.
If you have ever joked about “being struck by lightning after
lying” you are making a reference to Zeus. And if you have ever
used Venus shaving products, this is a direct reference to the goddess of beauty
Aphrodite whose Roman name is Venus.
Fill in the chart Gods and Goddesses of Mythology using the slide presentation
provided. Then attempt to identify the allusions provided on the worksheet using
information that you have recorded.
R. Efpatridis – Myth Unit – 1DP