Juliana Hudson August 30, 2012 Allusion By: Jeonga Choi and MJ

Juliana Hudson
August 30, 2012
By: Jeonga Choi and MJ Kwon
 The Good Samaritan
o A certain word that alludes to a certain story
 A troubling allusion – confuses the reader (Do we get the
allusion or not?)
 Allusion is: A reference to something in history or previous literature
o Richly connotative word or phrase
o A means to suggest something deeper
 Allusions can:
o Be humorous and witty
o Have a powerful emotional effect
 Cons of Allusions:
o Be misunderstood or not
o Can be powerfully appealing to a certain poet, and entirely confusing
to another – harder for students like us to understand so many different
 Extra info…
o Allusions make us feel smart :)
 “The Legend”
o Rembrandt
o Chicago
Mrs. Jackson’s talk
Allusions are used in our everyday life:
 Movies
 TV Shows
 Art
 Books
Metaphors and Similes
By: Michelle Lim and Katie Lew
 What is a metaphor?
o Figure of speech
o Compare two different things, not like/as
o Different types of metaphors- names or something that’s implied.
 Examples:
o My life is a movies
 Poems have deeper metaphors
 Extended metaphor
o Continues on, can be a series of sentences
 Romeo & Juliet
 What is simile?
o Comparison that something is similar to other. Using like/as
 Example:
o Compares the elephant to empty pipeline – the blind man and the
elephant (The cartoon they used is also an allusion to the allegory of
the blind men and the elephant)
“Bereft” by Robert Frost
o Leaves got up in a coil and hissed
 Reference to a snake
o Where had I heard this wind before
Change like this to a deeper roar?
 A large animal made into the wind
o Personified the objects around him to create a company out of the
objects around him
 Describing how lonely he is by explaining his company
 The home being empty, the elements of the house are alone –
the door and porch
“Cliché” by Billy Collins
My life is an open book
I love to feel the daily turning of the pages
o Looking forward to every day
Most dip into the middle for a few paragraphs
o No one knows your whole life
Reading and writing it simultaneously
o Will always continues to make new memories
Every reader must be a translator with a lexicon
o Every single life is different and no one would understand ones life
No one has read the whole thing but me
o Only you know who you are
When something really important happens make an asterisk
o The things that are important- celebrations
In a language troublesome or private
o A person will never know exactly how you feel
We had a very relaxed class this period. I enjoyed watching both presentations. Both
presentations had a certain quality that captivated me and kept me entertained. Jeonga
and MJ’s presentation was really nicely organized and well presented. Michelle and
Katie’s presentation was really pretty and it looked like they spent a while on it. In
terms of being the scriber, it was much easier than I expected. It was easy for me to
pick out the important points and write them down on the computer. I’m glad I
decided to bring my computer to school because I don’t think I’d be able to write as
fast on paper. Overall it was a great class that kept me entertained with discussions
and arguments.
The extended metaphor poem really engaged me. I love the kind of poems that
make you think a little further. Which is pretty much any poem that you can
understand. So this metaphor poem was easy to wrap my mind around. Last year
we had a really good teacher who was passionate about poetry. She taught me to
love poetry, I think it is because of her that I am in this class. She taught us in
depth about poetry and how easy it can be to understand. I hope what I learned
in that class will help me enhance what I learn in this class.