Ch 8 Part 2 Review Sheet What type of injury do most ankle injuries

Ch 8 Part 2 Review Sheet
1. What type of injury do most ankle injuries occur in?
2. What’s the most unstable position for a shoulder?
3. Shoulder Ligaments and what they connect specifically:
4. 4 shoulder bursae:
5. What part of the elbow is the hinge joint?
6. What part of the elbow is the gliding joint?
7. What does the UCL connect?
8. What does the RCL connect?
9. How can the head of the radius rotate a slight amount?
10. What does the annular ligament encircle?
11. What part of the hip joint is the ball/socket:
12. What does the acetabular labrum do?
13. Compare hip ROM vs shoulder ROM:
14. Which ligament is the Y ligament in the hip?
15. Hip ligaments and what they connect?
a. iliofemoral ligament:
b. Pubofemoral ligament:
c. Ischiofemoral ligament:
16. What articulations compose the knee joint?
17. What bones compose the condyloid joint in the knee?
18. Knee ligaments outside the joint: connections & location
a. Patellar:
b. Oblique Popliteal:
c. Arcuate popliteal:
d. Tibial collateral (MCL):
e. Fibular collateral (LCL):
19. What type of injury is likely to injure the MCL?
20. What ligament prevents anterior translation of the tibia?
21. What ligament prevents posterior translation of the tibia?
22. What shape are the menisci of the knee?
23. What is the menisci’s function?
24. Bursae of the knee:
25. Knee ligaments within the joint: connections
a. Anterior cruciate (ACL):
b. Posterior cruciate (PCL):
26. Ankle ligaments connections:
a. Medial ligament:
b. Lateral ligaments:
27. Know the pictures we labeled in class – you have those copies.