1. Calculating Market Value Ratios. Rossdale, Inc. had additions to retained
earnings for the year just ended of $575,000. The firm paid out $140,000 in
cash dividends, and it has ending total equity of $7.3 million. If the
company currently has 490,000 shares of common stock outstanding, what
are earnings per share? Dividends per share? What is book value per share?
If the stock currently sells for $47 per share, what is the market-to-book
ratio? The price-earnings ratio? If total sales were $15.4 million, what is the
price-sales ratio?
2. Calculating Financial Ratios. Based on the balance sheets given for Bethesda
Mining, calculate the following financial ratios for each year:
A. Current ratio
B. Quick ratio
C. Cash ratio
D. Debt-equity ratio and equity multiplier
E. Total debt ratio
3. DuPont Identity. Suppose that the Bethesda Mining Company had sales of
$2,945,376 and net income of $89,351 for the year ending December 31,
2014. Calculate the DuPont Identity.
4. Sustainable Growth. Based on the following information, calculate the
sustainable growth rate for Perks, Inc.:
Profit margin = 5.2%
Total asset turnover = 1.90
Total debt ratio = .30
Payout ratio = 15%
What is the ROA here?
Need a two page report on UPS and FED EX for a portfolio and evaluate their
performance during the last 6 months…need info on income statement, balance
sheet, cash flow sheet, PE Ratio, PEG, ROI, ROA, and ROIC