WWI Test Study Guide

WWI Test Study Guide World History
World War 1 Unit Review
Study Guide
Listed below are questions and study topics (categorized by assignments and lectures) which
will be on the upcoming test. If you are prepared to answer these questions, you will perform
well on the assessment. Format of test will be Multiple Choice and Matching.
Terminology (assigned April 23rd)
Total War
Nationalism Reparations
Triple Entente Allied Powers Conscription
Propaganda Central
Chapter 14, Section 1 (assigned April 27th)
What was the significance of ‘Alsace and Lorraine’?
Why did European nations form alliances?
What nation is the first to declare war in World War 1? Upon whom do they declare it?
Causes of World War 1 (assigned April 28th)
What was Europe described as at the outbreak of World War 1? Why?
What was the event that triggered the war? On what date did it occur?
What was ‘the Black Hand’?
What does it mean to have a ‘balance of power’ and why would this be important?
World War I Europe Map (assigned May 1st)
Eastern and Western Fronts
Three primary Central Powers
Alsace and Lorraine
Sinking of the Lusitania
Three primary Allied Powers
Battle of Gallipoli
Battle of the Somme Graphic Organizer (assigned May 4th)
I will give excerpts from one of the three accounts of the battle, be able to identify what side
(German or English) the individual is fighting for.
Who won the first day of the Battle of the Somme and why?
Lusitania Documents (assigned May 6th)
I will provide excerpts from the 1915 news flyers and newspapers, as well as the 2008 ‘Smoking
Gun’ article. Be able to explain their significance.
Were those on board the Lusitania warned in advance by Germany about a state of war that
On what date was the Lusitania sunk?
Crash Course #30- America in World War I (assigned May 11th)
What was the United States policy towards the conflict in Europe?
Did the war increase or decrease the power of the Federal government?
What international policy did the United States adopt following the war?
Why did the United States favor a British victory in the war?
US Entrance Into World War 1(assigned May 12th)
What was the Zimmerman Telegram about and why was it important?
“The world must be made safe for democracy” was said by who?
What were Woodrow Wilson’s reasons for declaring war on Germany?
On what date did Wilson Address Congress to declare war?
What was the purpose and primary argument of Senator George Norris’s speech?
Wilson’s Fourteen Points (assigned May 14th)
What was the name of the treaty that ended World War I?
According to Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points, what was the United States greatest goal
following the war?
What was the League of Nations and why did the United States not join it?
At what time, day, month and year was the Armistice between the Allies and Germany signed?
WWI Weaponry and Battles (given May 4th)
 Understand the primary attributes (causes, outcomes and inventions) related to trench
 What did the invention of the U-boat led to?
 Who was the Red Baron?
 What were the outcomes of the battle of the Somme? (casualties, tide of war, and
significance to Great Britain?
WWI Lusitania Lecture (given May 6th)
 Was Germany justified in sinking the Lusitania?
 Was it justifiable to go to war over the sinking of the Lusitania?
 What is total war and how does it compare to traditional warfare?
Additional Topics: