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World War 1!
By Sarah Commons´üŐ
World War 1 Facts
• World war 1 started in
• At least 9 million people
• Over 20 million people
were injured.
The Lusitania
• The Lusitania was an American
• It sank off the coast of Cork.
• it was launched on June the
7th 1906.
• It took two years to build.
• It weighed 44,060 tones
• It was 240 metres in length.
• It was used to bring weapons
and food to the solders.
• It sank in 1917.
• This was the reason America
joined the war.
William Redmond
• William Redmond was
born on April 13th 1861.
• He grew up in County
• He was the second son
of the house.
• He made a speech
during world war 1.
• It gave a great lift to the
British army.
Recruitment Posters
• When soldiers died and
nobody wanted to join
the army people were
forced to join the war.
• They put up posters to
encourage people to
join the war.
U Boats!
• Germany sent over U
• They were submarines.
• People went under
water with them and
nobody could see them.
Poppy Fields!
• All the Irish soldiers that
died during the war
were buried in poppy
• On the 11th of
November poppy day is
• This is also called
Remembrance day.
The Battle of the Somme
• The Battle of the
Somme took place on
the 3rd of August 1914.
• Over 5,000 Irish people
died during the battle.
• This caused most
causalities in world war
Poison bombs
• In the war soldiers went
to other countries and
threw a poison bomb at
• This would kill them.
• The soldiers that threw
them were not affected
because they wore gas
The Clean up
• The war ended in 1918.
• There was a big clean
up to be done.
• Germany were forced to
pay all the money even
though they were not
the only people who
started it!
Facts 2!
• Germany had the most
• At least 6,000 people
died each day.
• Russia surrendered in
1917 because a new
government took over
Russia and the
government said to
drop out of the war.
• While men were
fighting women had to
• They had to do men's
jobs as well as their
• They got paid much less
than men got paid.
• Typer- Sarah Commons!
• Proof Reader- Sarah Commons and Mr
• Special Thanks- Mr Commons and Ronya