Study Guide for WWI Test

Study Guide for WWI Test
Study your notebook assignments, vocabulary and Cornell notes.
Terms You Need to Know:
 Nationalism
Alliance Systems
Black Hand
Total War
Triple Alliance
Triple Entente
Allied Powers
Central Powers
Trench Warfare
Treaty of VersaillesZimmerman
Treaty of
Fourteen Points
The Western
The Eastern Front
Submarine Warfare
Events You Need to Know:
The Assassination Schleiffen Plan
of the Archduke
Battle of Marne
Battle of Gallipoli
Battle of Somme
US Arrival Into
the War
Russian Departure
from the war.
Battle of
Paris Peace Conference
Be able to answer these questions:
The following questions are here to guide your studying but are not necessary
the exact questions you will see on the test:
1. What event on June 28, 1914 triggered the start of the war? Describe in
chronological order the events that occurred after this day that lead to a world
2. What are the MAIN causes of the war and how did they work together to create a
world war?
3. Describe the locations of the colonial rule of such nations as England, France,
Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Portugal, and the United
4. What were the motives for going to war?
5. What role did propaganda play in getting people into the war? Give examples.
6. What made this war a “total war?”
7. Who were the major countries involved in the war and what side were they on?
8. What was the Schlieffen Plan and how did it effect the creation of the Western
9. Describe the significant battles of WWI. Who was involved, what happened, and
what made them significant to the war?
10. How did the Russian Revolution change the course of the war?
11. What influenced America’s entrance into the war and what effect did the entrance
of the US have on the Great War?
12. What role did the colonies play in the war?
13. Describe Trench Warfare. What affect did this have on the soldiers?
14. What factors lead to this being the bloodiest war in history?
15. Which countries were hardest hit in the war?
16. What did Wilson blame the war on in his 14 points? What did he say needed to be
done to end future wars?
Test Format:
Multiple Choice and Short Answer