The Adel City Council will meet in regular session at Adel City Hall, 301 S. 10th St., Adel, Iowa,
Tuesday, May 13, 2014, at 6:00 PM
1. Proposed Budget Amendment for Fiscal Year 2013/2014
Statutorily mandated public hearing on the City’s FY’14 budget amendment
2. Proposed Real Estate Conveyance Agreement with T & L Enterprises, LLC
Public hearing regarding the land swap (River Landing – Old Portland Road) and relocation
3. Proposed 28E Agreement with Dallas County, Iowa for Public Education, Site Selection,
Acquisition and Preparation of a County Administrative Building Site
4. Urban Revitalization Plan - Residential Tax Abatement Program (Public Input)
This is a public input meeting and not the requisite formal public hearing. Prior to any action, a public
hearing would need to be held with proper notice
a) Consider Approval of City Council Minutes Dated April 8, 2014
b) Consider Approval of April Bills and April 30, 2013, Treasurer’s Report
c) Consider Approval of Class C Native Wine Permit w/ Outdoor Service for Adel Partners Chamber of
Commerce (Pending Dram Shop) – 5-Day Permit for All Iowa Wine Festival on June 21, 2014
d) Consider Approval of Class C Liquor License with Brew Pub, Catering Privilege, Outdoor Service,
and Sunday Sales for Captain’s Quarters, LLC
e) Consider Approval of Class C Liquor License with Outdoor Service for Captain’s Quarters, LLC – 1
day permit for Special Event, Old Glory Day
f) Consider Approval of Class C Liquor License with Outdoor Service and Sunday Sales for Corner Tap
g) Consider Approval of Class E Liquor License, Class B Wine Permit, Class C Beer Permit (Carryout)
with Sunday Sales for Kum & Go #2093
Update on Water/Wastewater Operator
Turkey Vultures
Update on Aquatic Center
a) Consider Approval of Resolution No. 14-16, Approving the Calendar Year 2014 Capital
Expenditures in Accordance with the 2014-2015 Capital Improvement Plan and Authorizing Staff to
Purchase Said Capital Expenditures
In order to make the 5-7 year CIP more manageable, staff and the Budget Committee focused on the
first two years. Funds are available as identified in the appendices to the resolution. If an item will cost
$10,000 or more over the estimate contained in the CIP, it will come before the Council for approval.
b) Consider Approval of Resolution No. 14-17, Approving Construction Contract and Bond for Adel
Water Tower Painting Improvements
The low bid of Central Tank Coatings, Inc., was approved at the April Council meeting. This action is
for the formal approval of the contract and bonds.
c) Consider Approval of Resolution No. 14-18, Approving Fiscal Year 2013/14 Budget Amendment
This is the action item from Public Hearing #1.
d) Consider Approval of Resolution No. 14-19, Changing Designated Signatories for the City of Adel.
e) Consider Approval of Resolution No. 14-20, Approving Land Option Swap Agreement and
Additional Land Option
The Park Board and Planning and Zoning Commission considered this concept and are in favor. It
allows the City more flexibility in terms of time and land area. If the City exercises that flexibility, it
will be at an increased cost, but with the 10 + / - acres as swapped, the City still has the option of paying
the same rate as identified under the current agreement.
f) Consider Approval of Resolution No. 14-21, Approving and Authorizing Execution of a Real Estate
Conveyance Agreement By and Between the City of Adel and T & L Enterprises, LLC.
This is the formal authorization and approval of the land swap between the City and T and L
Enterprises, LLC. Once completed, the City will own the lot in the “River Landings” area where the
bulk fuel plant is located now, and the bulk fuel plant will be relocated to a newly platted 1 + / - acre
parcel that will be owned by T and L Enterprises directly northwest of where the old WWTP was
located off of Old Portland Road. This is the action item from Public Hearing #2.
g) Consider Approval of Resolution No. 14-22, Directing Sale of $650,000 (Subject to Adjustment per
Terms of Offering) General Obligation Capital Loan Notes, Series 2014
Bids are taken earlier in the day on the day of the meeting (May 13th). The blanks on the resolution will
be filled in prior to the meeting.
h) Consider Approval of PO # 014443 – Softball Field Restrooms
This is technically covered by Resolution #14-16, but not knowing if it will pass for certain it was
placed separately on the agenda. In addition, staff already have bids and are hoping work can
commence as soon as possible if approved.
i) Consider Approval of Amendment to Financial Service Agreement – Piper Jaffray (Fire Truck)
j) Consider Approval of Special Event Permit for Dallas County Sheriff’s Office All Wheel Show on
June 7, 2014 – Pending Certification of Insurance, Map of Street Closures, and Fees
k) Consider Approval of Special Event Permit for Old Glory Day on June 14, 2014 – Pending Dram
Insurance for Special Liquor License
l) Consider Approval of Aquatic Center Change Order #4 – Booster Pump
This was discussed last year. There is not enough water pressure to handle the bath house and irrigation.
If this is approved, the project remains on budget based on other previous change order deducts.
m) Consider Approval of City’s Facebook and Twitter Accounts (City of Adel, Iowa)
The new Social Media policy requires formal Council approval of any City social media account.
n) Consider Approval of Engineering Services Agreement – Water Well
The new well is in the Water System CIP. The City will likely need a replacement well in the next 5-7
years in addition to an additional new well. The agreement covers all the engineering services, but only
the preliminary engineering report will be completed prior to further Council discussion / action.
o) Consider Approval of Branding Proposal
The Branding Committee did not reach a consensus for a recommendation to Council. Proposals were
solicited from nine (9) local branding firms. The City received 5 proposals. A subcommittee was
formed to identify the top two. The subcommittee identified ZLR Ignition and Webspec as the top two
proposals. Near equal number of members feel that ZLR is the only option and if the City cannot afford
their services, to defer branding to a later date. The others feel Webspec will do a fine job especially
with the oversight of the Committee. Both have approximately the same amount of municipal
experience. ZLR has much more overall branding experience. The cost for ZLR is nearly $60,000.00.
Webspec’s cost is approximately $12,000.00, but with them being awarded the website redesign, they
would be open to a negotiable price and said they will provide an outstanding product for $10,000 total.
The City has $10,000 in the budget for branding services. ZLR was contacted with regard to the budget,
but did not propose altering their cost proposal.
p) Consider Approval of Request of 10 Chickens at 1721 Rapids Street
Code Compliance Officer Steve Nichols drafted a letter recommending approval of this request
q) Possible Closed Session. The Council May Enter into Closed Session in Accord with Section
21.5(1)(i) of Iowa Code, To evaluate the professional competency of an individual whose
performance is being considered when necessary and that individual requests a closed
session.(Employee Evaluation)
5/9/2014 10:03:31 AM