Review for French & Indian War Quiz

Review for French & Indian
War Quiz
How were the French different from the English
colonists that settled the Americas?
 a. The French established settlements along the
Atlantic coast
 b. The British became trappers and fur traders
 c. The British encouraged intermarriage among
Native Americans
 d. The French became trappers and fur traders,
and depended on trade with Native
 What was “primary” reason fighting began between
the French and the English in the colonies?
 a. Disputes over land
 b. Bitter rivalries between French and English
 c. Competition over the fur trade with the Native
What played the “most important” role in the
establishment of commercial capitalism in the
 a. Slavery
 b. Trade of Cotton
 c. Trade of Molasses
 d. Indentured servitude
Why was the American Revolution NOT an isolated event?
 a. Latin American countries soon followed because
they wanted their independence from foreign powers.
 b. Despite many significant differences, the popular
protests and upheavals of the age of revolution reflected
certain common ideals and aspirations that had been
unleashed by the American
 c.
Unifying all of these revolutions was a shared
political language invoking such potent terms as
constitutional rights
 d. , the sovereignty of the people, and the consent of
the king or queen
Which of the following was NOT an important factor
in the Great Awakening?
 a. Shared by large number of people throughout
the colonies
 b. Contributed to the division in American
 c. Contributed to the growth of American identity
 d. Established joint congregations
 Prior to the French & Indian War, France and
England have been rivals for generations.
 The French & Indian War began in the Europe then
spread to the colonies.
 The Proclamation Line of 1763 goal was to prevent
western settlement and prevent conflicts with Native
 After the French & Indian War, the British
government faced a huge war debt.
 Parliament passed a law that taxed colonists called
the Stamp Act, but the colonists had a say in the
passing of this tax.
 The English Bill of Rights limited the powers of the
king in such matters as taxation and keeping a
standing army.
 The British defeated the French at Montreal which
was a major victory in the Americans for the British
during the war.
 Thomas Jefferson was the first to establish the
concept of freedom of speech in the American