Chapter 3 Study Guide Honors American Studies 1

Chapter 3 Study Guide Honors American Studies 1
Middle Passage
Phyllis Wheatly
Great Awakening
Navigation Acts
habeas corpus
salutary neglect
Seven Year’s War
French and Indian War
Proclamation of 1763
Albany Plan of Union
Pontiac’s Rebellion
Triangular trade
In the 1700s, why did Germans immigrate to the colonies?
How did colonists react to the Enlightenment?
During the Middle Passage, how were slaves treated?
What did the British enact so they could collect more custom duties?
Which region raised the majority of the staple crops in demand by Europeans?
The plantation economy in the South produced what kind of wealth?
What caused the French and Indian War to shift in favor of the British in 1758?
What did the French and Indian War and Pontiac’s Rebellion reveal about the colonists
relationship with the British?
Explain the ways in which the economies, population, and education
differed in the New England Colonies and the Southern Colonies.
Discuss how the Navigation Acts and the aftermath of the French and Indian War affected the
economic relationship between Britain and the