U.S. History
Early Colonies Worksheet
Pages 16 – 26
Directions: Answer the following questions in complete sentence format.
1. Who were the Puritans? Discuss their beliefs.
7. Discuss the
contributions/influences of John
Locke to U.S. government
2. Describe the purpose of the Mayflower Compact.
8. Discuss the contributions/influences of
Montesquieu to U.S. government
3. Look at the map on pg. 23
a. Describe the trade network known as
the triangular trade. Why is it
sometimes called a web, rather than a
9. What was the Great Awakening?
b. Why were the colonies geographically
suited to commerce?
10. Explain the causes & effects of the French &
Indian War.
4. How did the colonial economy differ in the North
& South?
5. Describe the Middle Passage.
6. What was the Enlightenment?
11. Look at the map on pg. 25
a. Where was the disputed territory over
which the British & French fought the
French & Indian War?
b. How much territory did the British gain
after the war? What happened to the
French territory as a result of the war?
On the Back... Create a
Tree Map of the 3 colony
groups: Northern, Middle
& Southern