Diagnostic Essay

Diagnostic Essay
Visual Analysis
Analyzing Visual Texts Using OPTIC
Paying attention to the details is a habit that is a necessary part of effective
analysis. As you analyze visual texts (paintings, photographs, advertisements,
maps, charts or graphs), the OPTIC strategy can help you construct meaning in
order to write an effective analysis.
• Overview of the image. Basically, what is this image
• Parts that seem important (color, figures, textures,
groupings, shadings, patterns, numbers,
repetitions, etc.)
• Title or text that contributes to the meaning.
• Interrelationships in the image. Consider how the
parts come together to create a mood or convey an
idea or an argument.
• Conclusion that interprets the meaning of the
image as a whole.
Write an essay using the OPTIC strategy in which you analyze the message Robert Ariail
conveys in this cartoon.
Formulating Your Thesis
• Rewrite the prompt at the top of your
• Circle the cartoonist’s name.
• Underline the title of piece or subject of
proposed essay.
• Draw a box around the task.
• Write your essay.