Earth Science Homework Projects – QUARTER 1

Earth Science Homework Projects – QUARTER 1
Instructions: By the end of the quarter you will complete 50 points worth of homework tasks from the choices
below. You MUST do at least one from each unit. You will hand them in all at once. Throughout the quarter I will
give you due dates for rough drafts of a certain amount of point values. DO NOT SAVE THIS FOR THE LAST
MINUTE!!! You will have little class time so most of this will be done outside of school. Come in for help if needed!
Grading: There is no rubric for each task. You will be based on 2 components: 30% effort and 70% accuracy.
Extra credit: If you do not receive 100% on all your assignments then the extra credit will go toward that grade
instead of the extras listed below.
 15 extra points : 5 points added to your star chart
 25 extra points : 10% added to your lowest quiz grade
 50 extra points: Drop your lowest grade (lab, quiz, project)
Unit 1 –Introduction to Earth Science
Write an acrostic for 2 of the Earth’s systems. (5 points)
Read and analyze one science article from the website “science news for kids” in the section “Earth and
Sky”. Summarize the article. Explain the significance. Explain how it relates to a lesson from class
(maybe one of the 3 big ideas, or the 4 systems?)(10 points)
Write a newspaper advertisement for a job opening in the Earth Science field. What types of things will
this employee do? Why is it fun/exciting/a great job? (15 points)
Design an experiment to test a question you have. Perform the experiment and document all aspects of
the scientific method. REVIEW this with me before you do it. (20 points)
Make a graphic organizer of how Earth science relates to your life. (5 points)
Unit 2 – Mapping Earth’s Surface
Find a topographic map of a specific location in Korea that includes a key and symbols. Label the map
using the terms: contour line, scale, and any symbols recorded. Write a brief explanation of what the
land is like according to the map. (10 points)
Make an acrostic of the words Motion, Velocity and Acceleration (5 points)
Create a short video lesson detailing the significance of latitude and longitude to help younger children
learn this skill. How do you “read” latitude and longitude? What is it? When and why do people use
these measurements? (20 points)
Create a crossword puzzle using 15 vocabulary words from the unit. (15 points)
Write a step-by-step guide (survival guide) to map reading for someone who is going into the woods
with nothing but a compass, a map, food and water. (include topographic maps). (15 points)
Unit 3 –Erosion and Deposition
After a rainstorm, take a walk around your neighborhood. Look for evidence of erosion. (Find areas
where there is loose soil, sand, gravel or rock) Which areas have the least erosion? The most? How does
the slope of the ground affect the amount of erosion? Take photographs of the evidence and present
your findings in a creative way. (10 points)
Draw a cartoon that uses humor to explain erosion and deposition. (10 points)
Research how flood plains form and how they are connected to erosion. Then read page 84 and 85 in
the textbook. Write and record a speech that 1. Identifies the problem 2. Lists some options to reduce
damage and 3. Creates a solution to the problem. (20 points)
Demonstrate in a video, or illustrate in a flipbook what the 5 agents of erosion are and how they work.
(15 points)
Write a song/rap about one of the topics in this unit. Hand in the lyrics with the recording. (10 points)
Unit 4 – A Trip Through Geologic Time
• To Be Announced!