Erosion and Deposition Projects

Erosion and Deposition Projects
1. Pick one of the ten choices of types of erosion and
deposition, with page numbers and topics.
2. Plan Project. Must include: in depth definitions,
visual with labels, examples of where and/or when to
see this type, must be neat, colorful, and clear for
presentation, everyone should do their fair share.
3. Presentation: may be in a variety of formats, poster,
overhead, model, computer presentations or
demonstrations as directed by the teacher, etc.
4. Research can be done using the following: interactive
text, and their student reference center
which includes, Planet Diary and
World Desk reference, web codes on assigned pages,
Panda which includes Grolier, DE Science, New book of
Science, nettrekker, etc.
Rubric for Erosion/Deposition
____/2 definition
____/2 visual with labels
____/2 examples
____/2 appearance
____/2 fair share of participation
____/10 total points
project name______________________