I have been collecting the websites and information on them for the

I have been collecting the websites and information on them for the website overhaul. It was quite
awhile ago I contacted you to do Fitness, but that was taken, so I was delegated the webpage. I was not
sure when to send this info to you, did not know of any deadline, except short of the next annual
meeting, but am sending this on today.
Diabetesconnect.com Clinicians from Joslin Diabetes Center. Free to PWD with lo-carb
recipes; Disaster Guide; 28 meal plans with recipes; Travel Guide
This is a blog site with all people with diabetes talking about how they deal with
things and what they have discovered.
good site for kids who are computer savvy – clinicians with pediatric
A social network for PWD, a lot of support and education for Type 1 and
Another social network with LOTS of education information, part of NDEP (NIH)
www.diabetes.org/type2program \
1-800-diabetes.org OR
phones. Excellent
Text “Type 2” to 69866 /
the Alliance Health Network
An American Diabetes Association program on
Easy to understand diabetes self care info
Nice social media website for people living with DM, Part of
chronic diseases; Health tips
Free DVD on
Focus on it’s Your diabetes life. Food, meal planning, fitness help, videos, weekly
newsletter, questions answered.
Public Health resources; good for professionals, reports
A 6 month mobile program giving ongoing support to people with DM2 through
text messaging. Reinforces DSME
and provides actionable items that keep people learning to manage their
diabetes and take control of their health.
ADA based
This is a good one for both the professional and the PWD;
Health Sense is the operative word here-this
helps clients for making Lifestyle changes with printable tools, videos (good ones) and podcasts; a virtual
online weight management program. For health professionals, they can find research articles and
resources for facilitating behavior changes.