World History Final Review

World History Final Review - Final will be on Chapters 28 & 29 (book @ home)
Chapter 28
-Know vocab sections 3,4,5
- Dictators & characteristics of their regimes
-Differences/similarities of fascism & communism
Be familiar with the entire vocab from Chapter 29
Chapter 29.1
-Acts of Aggression committed by Japan, Italy, Germany (refer to wkst)
-Who led the Spanish Civil War? What two sides fought in the civil war
-Hitler and his acts of aggression (know the area and year he took over)
Chapter 29.2
-Sect 2 vocab
-Who makes up the Axis & Allies
-Why was Britain/France unable to help Poland
-Miracle of Dunkirk
-Operation Sea lion
-The Blitz against London
-Operation Barbarossa
-Nazi Genocide
-Purpose of the Lend-Lease Act
-Attack on Pearl Harbor
Chapter 29.3
-Government/People involvement in the war
-Women’s contribution to the war effort
- The Big Three
-How did the Allies fight Japan?
-Stalingrad Victory
-D Day
-Yalta Conference
Chapter 29.4
VE Day
Manhattan Project & bombing on Japan
VJ Day
Chapter 29.5
-UN and its purpose
-Cold War
-Truman Doctrine
-Marshall Plan
-Division of Germany
NATO & Warsaw Pact