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“A Sound of Thunder” Vocab Test

Part A:

For each of the following sentences, choose the word from the box that best fits the sentence and write it on the line. (1 point each) annihilate expendable 1.

infinitesimal primeval resilient revoke sheathed subliminal taint undulate A child’s backpack should be made from a(n) ____________________ material that can withstand the abuse it will be subjected to. 2.

Compared to large planets like Jupiter, Earth is a(n) _______________________ part of our solar system. 3.

One of the most beautiful sights I have seen was the ocean __________________ in orange sunlight at dawn. 4.

The general’s plan was to _______________________ the invading army before they could reach the capitol. 5.

I was not aware that _______________________ messages were being sent to me through the advertisement. 6.

If you do not return the overdue books, we may ______________________ your library privileges. 7.

Make sure you keep the raw chicken away from the salad; the meat might ____________________ the salad with salmonella. 8.

Most _______________________ creatures, like saber-toothed tigers and woolly mammoths, are extinct now. 9.

Teenagers who have part-time jobs often have some ______________________ income to spend on CDs, video games, and going out with friends. 10.

This type of dance requires your arms and torso to _______________________ in a snake-like fashion.

Part B:

Choose three vocab words and write an original sentence for each one. Underline the word in the sentence, and use context clues, so I know that you understand the meaning of the word. (5 points each) 1.

__________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 2.

__________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 3.

__________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________