PFL principal presentation

Personal Financial
6th Grade
Stock Market
Saving and investing are key contributors to
financial well being
• All schools will be signing up for the Stock Market
Game with CCEE. This is relatively inexpensive
and ongoing.
See handout by Colorado Council for Economic
Education and the Stock Market Game.
How did the distribution of resources influence
the economic production of our country?
• 7th grade simulation
• Like International Towne- but I’Towne is
too expensive and didn’t meet all aspects
of the standard (taxes)
• If a school chooses to do I’Towne they
will not do this simulation and will need
to supplement the tax aspect
• International Trade simulation
that requires students to
research the economy, natural
resources, imports/exports,
and people in their own
country and other countries
around the world.
• Students will be competing to see who can
maintain the most successful country through
• They will be working with figures from today
• Each student will work for their country to
increase profits for their country and also to
receive a pay check and keep a budget for
• The countries will deal with tariffs and
students will deal with taxes.
• In order to communicate and work with the rest
of the world (other schools), each teacher will
receive an iPad to video conference using
FaceTime. This is how all transactions will be
• Students will be uploading all materials to the
common website to provide resources for other
• Advertisements and videos will be created
using the iPad to upload to the website.
• The purpose is to create a real world example
of how trade between countries works and how
taxes affect the individual.
Financial Park
Manage personal credit and debt.
This simulation is sponsored by Junior Achievement. It
is free and we will only need to pay for buses. During
the spring, there will be a location at the American
Furniture in Thornton.
• Approximately 20 hours in the classroom to prepare
students for going to the actual park.
• At the park, they get a persona with all the
information needed and then go through the stores
to complete a budget.
• They will have opportunities to work with someone
to fix and maintain their budget so they do not go
into the red.
• See handout from Junior Achievement