MAS174 module map Applications of Probability and Statistics

Module title & Course code
Applications of Probability and Statistics
Dr Jonathan Jordan
Course description
University course content
This unit explores a number of different types of application of probability and statistics. It introduces
the idea of computer simulation, along with basic techniques for random number generation. It also
introduces the idea of probability modelling and illustrates it using the Poisson process and simulation
in R. It presents the basic concepts of decision theory and Bayesian inference. To indicate the range of
potential applications, and to illustrate general techniques for mathematical problem solving, several
extended problems and case studies, from a variety of areas, will be presented.
Prerequisites: MAS100 (Mathematics with Maple); MAS101 (Probability, Sets and Complex Numbers);
MAS113 (Introduction to Probability and Statistics)
Corequisites: MAS170 (Practical Calculus); MAS171 (Matrices and Geometry)
A Level course content
Not applicable, as the statistical ideas encountered at A level have been seen in
the module MAS113.