*Baroque Era
Monteverdi - Italian composer who wrote hundreds of madrigals
Vivaldi – Italian baroque composer most famous for writing ‘’The Four Seasons.’’
Bach – German baroque composer famous organist, composed ‘’The Brandenburg Concertos,’’
‘’Passion of St. Matthews’’ and ‘’Passion at St. Johns’’.
Handel – German ‘’the messiah’’ and ‘’ the hallelujah chorus.’’
*Classical Era
Haydn – Austrian composer – referred to as ‘’father of the symphony’’ and ‘’ father of the string
quartet’’ –‘’surprise symphony’’.
Mozart- Austrian classical composer- famous for piano concertos; a child prodigy who lived like
a rock star
Beethoven – German classical composer – wrote a symphonies, lost hearing but kept composing
#5 Victory
#9 Choral Symphony (Ode to Joy)
Schubert- Australian composer, wrote ‘’ unfinished symphony’’
*Romantic Era
Rossini – Italian composer – operas.’ the barker of Seville’’ and ‘’ William tell’’
Berlioz – French composer- ‘’symphony fantastique’’
Chopin – polish composer – child prodigy on piano
Liszt – Hungarian pianist – possibly best pianist ever
- rock star of his day ‘’ Hungarian rhapsody #2’’
Verdi- Italian opera composer –‘’ rigaletto’’ ‘’ la traumata’’ ‘’Aida’’
Brahms – German composer ‘’German requiem.’’
Tchaikovsky – the nutcracker, sleeping beauty, Swan Lake, 1812 overture
Rimsky – Korsakov – ‘’ Scheherazade’’
Puccini – Italian composer – ‘’la boheme’’ ‘’Tosca’’ ‘’madam butterfly’’
George Gershwin - American composer ‘’ rhapsody in blue,’’ ‘’porgy and Bess.’’