Baroque Blank



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The word "baroque" comes from a Portuguese word used to describe irregular ______________. It was applied to art, architecture and music that were very _______________.

Two popular compositional techniques were ____________________ and




The ________________ was not invented until the end of the Baroque period. The primary keyboard instruments of the time were the _________,

____________________, and ____________________.

Composers in the Baroque period standardized the rules about

_______________ that we still use today. This system was based on the relationships between different __________________.

Some Important Baroque Composers:

Claudio Monteverdi- (1567-1643) Both a Renaissance and Baroque composer. He wrote the first major _____________ called _____________.

Jean Baptiste Lully- (1632-1687) Italian-born French composer who created a popular form of _________________________.

Dietrich Buxtehude- (c.1637-1707) Danish/German _______________ who influenced many other composers.

Johann Pachelbel- (1653-1706) German composer/one-hit-wonder who wrote __________________________.

Henry Purcell- (1659-1695) One of the finest English composers of all time.

Wrote the famous English opera ____________________________.

Antonio Vivaldi- (1678-1741) Italian composer and priest. Wrote 450 concertos, including the famous ______________________________.

Georg Frederich Handel- (1685-1759) German composer who lived in

England, writing operas and ________________________, including the very famous __________________.

Johann Sebastian Bach- (1685-1750) Often considered ________________

_______________________________________. He was an obscure church musician his entire life, not becoming famous until more than 100 years after his death. Historians and music theorists use Bach as the standard for what is acceptable.