Chapter 18 – America Claims an Empire –Guided Notes

Chapter 18 – America Claims an Empire –Guided Notes
1890 - 1920
Section 1
1. What is imperialism?
2. Three factors that fueled imperialism:
3. What did Alfred Mahan urge government officials to do and why?
4. Our thirst for new markets made us view foreign trade as a solution to what?
5. How did we acquire Alaska at this time?
6. When did Alaska actually become a state?
7. In 1887 the United States petitioned Hawaii to build what?
8. Why did we want to do this?
9. I 1897 William McKinley, became President. On August 12, 1898, what did
Congress do?
Section 2
10. In 1898 the United States went to war to help Cuba win its independence from
what country?
11. What is meant by yellow journalism?
12. How was it used to fan war fever?
13. What did the De Lôme letter do that caused people in the United States to be
angry with Spain?
14. What happened to the U. S. S. Maine? Who was on board?
15. American newspapers claimed what had happened to the ship?
16. What was the rallying cry for U. S. intervention in Cuba?
17. The Spanish American war was fought in what areas?
18. Who were the Rough Riders?
19. What was the debate over the Treaty of Paris?
Section 3
20.Why was Puerto Rico important to the United States?
21. What was the Foraker Act?
22. What were the provisions of the Platt Amendment?
23. What is meant by Cuba becoming a U. S. protectorate?
24. The Open Door policy in China reflected three deeply held American beliefs
about the United States industrial Capitalist economy. List the three beliefs.
Section 4
25. Why did the U. S. feel that the United States needed a canal cutting across
Central America?
26. What was the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine?
27. What is meant by Dollar Diplomacy?